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Amoro Is Your Choice For Affordable Luxury Jewelery

What is luxury?  By definition it means something desirable and expensive but not a necessity. There is usually an air of exclusivity for the one who possesses it.  Luxury makes people feel special and important.

There are all types of luxury from fancy cars, designer clothes, high-end homes and of course fine jewelery and [...]

The Allure Of The Emerald

The color green has long been a symbol of nature and all its beauty, mystery and power.   Maybe this explains why the green gemstone, known as the Emerald, has held such fascination for people throughout history.

Emeralds are considered by historians to be the first gemstone ever discovered.  The word Emerald is derived from a [...]

Make It A Romantic Gift For The Holidays

There's Nothing More Romantic Than The Gift Of Fine Jewellery From Amoro

Flowers are sweet, chocolates are yummy but if you really want that perfect romantic gift that will sweep a girl off her feet, it simply must be jewelery. Brilliant, dazzling, romantic jewelery will melt her heart and bring a smile [...]

Duty Free Shopping

If you’ve ever traveled through an airport, especially outside the United States, I’m sure you’ve come across Duty Free Shops.

What Is Duty Free? Duty-free shopping offers international travelers a way to save money on a diverse array of merchandise, from dazzling high-end jewellery to premium liquor. However, many travelers aren’t clear how [...]